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Home is NOWhere

What is Home is NOWhere about?


There is a new generation of Hungarians that due to the new era opened by the regime change and the benefits of EU membership, are not bound to places anymore. These young people who wander from one country to another, accepting a job or a scholarship every once in a while are often referred to as latter day nomads.


Home is NOWhere intends to expose a complex search of identities and homes as seen and experienced by a group of young artists. They belong to a new generation that travels freely and has access to the creative environment of several countries. The impact of that experience is tangible in their works. The downside of constant wandering is the loss of that secure point you call home. What replaces it cannot be expressed geographically by pointing on a map – it must be found and kept safe in a novel way. A series of questions arise that are made even more complex by the difficulties of integration and of personal identities.


How does something become ‘home’? Can someone have multiple homes? Can home ever be captured in terms of physical space? Does having an address in Budapest’s famous Seventh District make you Hungarian, or is there something inside all of us that serves as building material for our new homes that will irrevocably contain all out previous ones? The works of a group of young artists are attempts to visually display answers to these tough questions. Throughout the week of the exhibition it will be accompanied by a variety of side events.

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Home is Nowhere


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Hungarian Culture Centre, London

2016.02.18 19:00


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